Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lets Take Action Together

Yesterday I caught a short blurb on the morning news.

 Prediction: If we don't we something about the sugar levels in all our food, 1/3 of all US citizens will eventually have diabetes.

The truth is, almost all food we buy has sugar added.  The ingredients don't always say sugar, it can be high fructose corn syrup or another name.

I stopped by the grocery store yesterday and confirmed this as I shopped the aisles.  I could not find a breakfast cereal that did not have sugar added.  Ingredients are listed in the order of quantity contained in the item.  Sugar was not only added, it was the second, third or fourth ingredient.  Apparently, the food manufacturers want their products to taste the best, so they add in the sugar.  Because of  this added sugar,  our bodies are  becoming less and less able to metabolize the sugar.

Lets take action today and write a letter of concern to a food manufacturer and call on one representative in Congress to make the diabetes epidemic a top priority.

Here is my letter.  I chose Pepperidge Farm since I love their bread.  I read the ingredient panel this morning and sure enough, high fructose corn syrup is added in (and it not in the less than 2% ingredients)

Dear Pepperidge Farm,

I love your bread and many other products you produce.

I am urging you to stop adding sugar into your products.  I want food that is healthy for me, not food that will eventually cause me to become diabetic.

There is a diabetes epidemic in the United States and you are contributing to the problem by adding sugar to your products (except desserts).

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Carla Brooks

PS I have included my email address so that you may respond to this request.

Your local Congressional Representative's contact information can be found online on any search engine.

I hope you can find time to take action today.  Our health is our most important asset.  Without our health we will not have quality of life.

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Thank you for visiting my blog

Carla Brooks

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