Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fabulous low-cost bathroom update!

A great way to update on older bathroom without gutting the room and spending at least $8,000-$18,000 is to do the "shortcut".  If your bathroom floor is currently linoleum, this job is a breeze.  If your bathroom floor is currently an older tile, its a bit more tricky....

If the current floor is linoleum:

A contractor can easily:

lift up the existing toilet and set to the side

take out the current vanity  or leave current vanity in place
install backer board (purchased from local hardware store)
Install new tile with your choice of grout

reinstall toilet or replace toilet
install new vanity (your choice-- I have seen beautiful ones at Costco with granite tops for $199--this is a steal! I have also happened upon custom "oops" vanities at Lowe's and Home Depot just ripe for the taking at a very much reduced price).  A pedestal sink is a nice update as well.

labor: $300-$400 for backer board installation and tile installation and toilet removal and install
materials: tile (50 square feet times $2 per square foot) $100

grout: $ 30-80

backer board: $50-150

new toilet water hose: $15

If your current floor is older tile:

A contractor will have to quote a price to remove old tile.  Many older bathrooms were built with tile installed directly onto a concrete medium.  These floors are rock solid.  It is sometimes better to install new tile over these floors.

If the floor is not set in concrete, then chances are it is set on a material used years ago that doesn't give.   The older materials that didn't give were not enough support for the ceramic tiles.  Very often, the tiles cracked and/or came loose from the foundation.  If your floor was set on a poor quality medium, you will have to take up the floor tile and install the DuraRock just the same as if the floor was finished in linoleum.

Additional tips:

Replacing aging light fixtures and mirror will complete the updated look.

Adding a crisp shower curtain (or drape) will conceal any distraction from an older shower and/or tub.

The tub shower combo is being phased out in favor of a bigger shower with sitting bench.  It is always nice to have at least one tub in the house.  Its possible to use dead hall space or a small closet to put a shower and keep the tub.  The old cast iron tubs are pieces of "art".  They are difficult to remove and can be resurfaced for about $450-$500 with a guarantee.  The new tubs are fiberglass and they easily crack.  Why swap out an old cast iron for a new fiberglass that could crack?

A bathroom update is always recommended if your bathroom is aging and a new bathroom is not in the budget.

Call me today for specific information on what contractors to call and materials to use.   I can assure you that many of my clients have done the above "short cut" with incredible results and for a fraction of the cost of a complete bathroom "redo"!

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