Monday, April 21, 2014

Improvements that add the most value to the home

To make the most of the homeowner's budget, I recommend improvements that will always add value to a home.  Not all projects will add value.

A new kitchen will always add value to a home.  Quality cabinetry with durable countertops and energy efficient appliances are the ticket to winning the hearts of buyers.  The kitchen is the most used room in the house, make it special:)

Finish the basement!  An unfinished basement will hold back a homes value since it is a whole level that will, for the most part, not be usable.

Professional landscaping will give your home that finished look.  The yard is the "first impression" a buyer will have of your property.  Curb appeal can add 10-20% on to the value of a home.

Your roof is important.  It provides protection for the inside of a home and the outside drainage (gutters).  A new roof adds measurable value to a home.

An enclosed garage is a great feature in cold weather areas of the country.  It provides protection for cars, lawnmowers and such.  If you have an open carport, enclose the garage.  If you have no garage, check with your local authorities to see about a building permit for a garage.

If you would like to discuss upcoming projects, call me today, I am here to help!

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