Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is a great time for buyers and sellers to get off the fence and make the move they have been dreaming about.

For one thing, interest rates are at an historical low point.  Pricing is still below the peak of the housing boom (2005-2007), yet pricing will probably not reach that level for years to come.  Northern Virginia continues to attract national and international firms to the area.  The % of people moving into Northern Virginia versus moving out is a positive one.  This demand for housing in Northern Virginia has made the real estate market one of the most stable markets in the country today.

The KCM blog recently provided some excellent graphs and a pie chart depicting the characteristics of the First time Home Buyer:

54% are married couples
12 % are unmarried couples
12% single males
21% single females
1% Other

The highest %  of buyers are in the Under $50,000 income range and the just under $100,000 income range.  This makes sense since many couple purchase when they get married and the single purchasers are roughly making half of what their married counterparts are earning per anum.

The link to this post is here:


How can these statistics help you as a seller?

Remember, if you are selling a home that will most likely be purchased by a first home buyers then it might make sense to tailor your staging items to the 25-34 age group since they are the ones that will most likely purchase your home.  Likewise, if your home is most likely in the price range to appeal to a move up buyer that should give you an idea of what staging items will most likely appeal to that particular group of buyers.

I can assist you with staging suggestions, color choices and so forth.  Call me today for expert real estate advice.  I will treat your transaction as if it were my own!


PS the picture above is from the My Bookhouse series by Olive Beaupre' Miller.

Friday, March 23, 2012

What new on the market for Sale?

Detached homes: 22181

9856 Hidden Estates  $799,000
9622 Verdict Drive $610,000
2310 Tanglevale Drive $759,000
9814 Brightlea Drive $499,000

Townhomes : 22181

8288 Roesh Way $565,000

Detached homes: 22182

1628 Crowell Road $985,500
1348 Hunter Mill Road $899,900
10305 Browns Mill Road $1,800,000
1431 Rosewood Hill Drive $799,900
1723 Abbey Oak Drive $899,900
1810 Batten Hollow Road $795,000
1822 Creek Crossing Road $735,000
10303 Hunt Country Lane $765,000
8204 Westwood Mews Court $949,900
1351 Verrier Court $2,500,000

Townhomes: 22182

8005 Gina Place $575,000

If you'd like to see postings of new listings in other areas please let me know what areas interest you.  I will gladly post in the zip codes requested.

Call me today if you're interested in buying or selling in Northern Virginia.  I continue to reinforce my knowlege of the local market and am here to assist you.  Remember, I will treat your transaction as if it were my own!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Foreclosures by State

Its good to know that the number of foreclosures in Virginia are under the national average.  In fact, Virginia has one of the lowest national averages.  Yeah!! We are so lucky, truly.  I realize this does not help those that are underwater.  Thats a whole different issue.  Yet, think of it this way.   The shadow inventory is part of the reason prices are being kept as low as they are today.  Once the shadow inventory is eliminated, this clears the way for price increases!

The states that are above the national average in foreclosures are as follows: 

Nevada, South Carolina, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

The KCM blog has a nice map showing the country and the rate in each state.  For more information please visit their site:http://www.kcmblog.com/2012/02/24/foreclosures-in-process-by-state/

If you'd like to make the most of your real estate experience call me today.  I am here for you and will treat your transaction as if it were my own!


What went under contract in the last 7 days?

Single family 22181:

10232 Vale Road
10024 Cody Court
2650 Five Oaks Road
2608 Meredith Drive E
2537 Meredith Drive W
2247 Loch Lomond
2428 Riviera Drive
2907 Langholm Place
9906 Snowbound Court
2567 Rambling Road
2311 Stryker Avenue

Townhomes 22181:

2730 Glengyle Drive
9873 Sweet Mint Drive
9814 Oakdale Wood Court

Single family 22182

8307 Wolftrap Road
9629 Percussion Way
9694 Farmside Place
8436 Reflection Lane
9003 Lupine Den Drive
1753 Nevar Court
2046 George Washington Road
8708 Westwood Drive
9824 Fosbak Drive
9306 Shouse Drive

Townhomes 22182

8016 Merry Oaks Court
7899 Tysons Oaks Circle
7981 Tysons Oaks Circle
8232 Goldstream Court

If you 'd like to make the most of your real estate experience, call me today.  I will treat your transaction as if it were my own!


New to the market!

Detached single family homes in 22181:

2663 Oakton Glen Drive $714,900
10511 William Terry Drive $1,197,000
9802 Meadow Knoll Court $740,000
2019 Spring Branch Drive $1,125,000

Detached single family homes in 22182:

1819 Midlothian Court $739,000
10315 Hunt Country Lane $699,900
1411 Rosehill Drive $749,900
2359 Cedar Lane $550,000
1922 Byrd Road $749,000
1606 White Pine Drive $538,890
1740 Proffit Road $565,000
10415 Silk Oak Drive $650,000
9107 Ridge Lane $1,400,000
8402 Tysons Trace Court $1,010,000
10002 Cloverdale Place $989,000
9727 Cinnamon Creek Drive $819,900

If you'd like to make the most of your real estate experience call me today,  I will treat your transaction as if it were my own.


Friday, March 9, 2012

New to the market!

What's new to the market in 22181 & 22182?

22181 (detached)

2523 Rambling Road $1,179,000
2404 Newton Street $699,000
9906 Snowbound Court $498,500

22182 (detached)

9824 Fosbak Drive $775,000
9805 Leesburg Pike $1,450,000

22182 (townhomes)

8863 Ashgrove House Lane $657,500
8130 Madrillon Court $715,000
7981 Tyson Oaks Circle $444,000

22102 (Condominiums)

1600 Spring Gate Drive #2203 $389,900

In addition to the properties above (for sale), there are lots of rentals on the market as well.  The rental market is competitive.  Many "newbies" prefer to rent so they can get to know the area.  The generally buy after a year of two.

Have a great weekend and remember I am here for you.  Call me today for the best real estate experience, I will treat your transaction as if it were my own!


What sold in the last 7 days?

Its always interesting to take a look at what properties went under contract in the last 12 days compared to what was available (see previous post).

The following properties received contracts in the last 12 days and are no longer active listings:

22181  Detached
9814 Meadow Valley Drive $629,000
2907 Langholdm Place $825,000
9804 Meadow Dale Court $629,000
2120 Statute Lane $662,500
9801 Meadown Valley Drive $649,900
2730 Glengyle Drive #6 $230,000
2630 Meredith Drive $810,000
2567 Rambling Road $450,000

22181 Condominiums

2416 Glengyle Drive #273 $215,000

22102 Condominiums 

7720 Treymayne Place #213 $274,900
1361 Hardison Lane $2,249,000
1570 Spring Gate Drive #713  $315,000
8380 Greensboro Drive #1007 $380,000
1515 Lincoln Way #103B $180,000
1645 International Drive #220 $419,000
8340 Greensboro Drive #808 $399,500
1800 Old Meadow Road #1519 $385,000

22182 Detached

9603 Thistle Ridge Lane $1,649,900
9601 Thistle Ridge Lane $1,499,900
8307 Wolftrap Road $949,900
9603 Timberview Court $991,879
9315 Robnel Place $815,000
2305 Idylwood Mews Lane $998,900
8708 Westwood Drive $669,900
9306 Shouse Drive $750,000

There is lots of activity out there as you can see.  Many buyers have been sitting on the fence waiting for the "right" time to buy. Now is the right time.  Interest rates are low and pricing is stable & rising somewhat (depending on the location).

If you'd like to make the most of your real estate experience, call me today. I am here for you and remember, I will treat your transaction as if it were my own!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

How happy are you?

Happiness is a well being associated with postive emotions that reduce stress and cancel out health risks associated with cancer and heart disease. Not only is it good to feel happy, its benefical to our physical health to be happy as well.

Are you happy? If not, how does one get to be happy?

According to an article in the Washington Examiner recently, Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen claim that there are six paths to happiness.

1. Be postive and generous. Helping others reduces mortality rates by 60%. Helping others defines our purpose in life and forces us to slow down long enough to to realize that we, as individuals, have alot of gifts to offer the world. That realization creates happy "feelings".

2. Feel empathy--Based on the premise that if we can put ourselves in the shoes of others and connect with the humans around us, we feel connected (versus feeling lonely) and this connectivity creates happiness.

3. Find Authenticity---What drives us? Hopefully each of us has taken the time to examine what really keeps us in motion. Is it that new ipad, designer handbag or i phone that we are seeking or is it a deeper factor (such as love of our family members, religion and what we do) that keeps us going? Knowing what makes ourselves tick can create an inner peace and calm .

4. Embrace Emotion--As events occur in our lives we need to recognize what emotions are going through our minds. If we lose a loved one, we need to grieve. If we're angry we need to stop, take a deep breath and think out the anger before reacting. If we're happy, we need to show our happiness and celebrate. This is our validation as human beings.

5. Explore Spirituality--Take some quiet time each day to reflect on the bigger picture in life. Taking time to reflect or mediate has been shown to reduce our heart rates and blood pressure.

and lastly,

6. Understand unhappiness---Lets face it, we're not going to be happy all the time. When we become unhappy we need to understand why we're out of sorts. Unhapppiness can be a catalyst for change in a positive direction.

I had the pleasure of "dog sitting" for a friend of mine the other day. This was an example of "true happiness" for me. Check out Percy, he is a character....

It took a while for us to understand each others needs....

There was never a dull moment.

Perhaps thats why pets bring such joy to us..... they are spontaneous creatures.

Hope you have a happy day.


Carla Brooks

PS Most photos courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

PPS If you or someone you know... would like to buy or sell a home give me a call today. I am here to earn your trust and your business and I treat every transaction as it it were my own!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Market Minute Reports from Long and Foster

The Long and Foster Web site posts market minute reports for specific zip code areas.  They are quite interesting and statistics can vary from zip code area to zip code area.  Each zip code area has its own unique draw or vice versa.  The draw can be a perceived "good school" district, even though Fairfax County schools are technically rated high across the board.  The draw can be a very sought after location for commuting, a competitive swim team neighborhood, an area close to shopping, properties near the proposed Silver Line metro and the list goes on.

The Vienna, Oakton and Tysons zip code areas are lumped together for the Market Minute Reports.  This data shows that the median sales price is up 19% from this time last year, the days on the market has increased 20%, and active inventory is down 18%. 

Here are some additional facts & graphs:

Sale Price to List Price Ratio
In January, the average sale price in Vienna, Oakton, and Tyson's Corner was 96.5% of the average list price, which is similar compared to a year ago.

Days on Market
This month, the average number of days on market was 85, higher than the average last year, which was 71, an increase of 20%.

 If you'd like a copy of these reports I'd be happy to print one off and fax or mail it to you.  

The local market data is important to each homeowner, particularly those who wish to market their properties for sale this year.

If you'd like a free market analysis of your home call me today.  Remember, I will treat your transaction as if it were my own.


Pick o' the litter! (22182 & 22181)

New "for sale" listings in 22181: detached homes

2120 Statute Lane $662,500
9801 Meadow Valley Drive $649,900
2630 Meredith Drive $810,000
2404 Newton Street $699,000
9906 Snowbound Court $498,500
2907 Langholm Place $825,000
9609 Center Street $638,000

New "for sale" listings :Condominiums in 22181:

2728 Glengyle Drive #7 $289,000

New "for sale" listings in 22182: detached homes

2305 Idylwood Mews $998,900
1410 Wolftrap Run Road $689,000
1700 Pebble Beach Drive $639,000
1522 Crowell Road $1,899,999
1410 Celesta Court $650,000
2111 Robin Way Court $1,185,000

 New townhome listings "for sale" in 22182:

8808 Reserve Way $795,000
7899 Tyson Oaks Circle $419,000

If you'd like to view any of these properties call me for an appointment.  If you would like to make the most of your real estate experience call me today.

Have a great weekend!

                                               Carla Brooks