Friday, March 2, 2012

Market Minute Reports from Long and Foster

The Long and Foster Web site posts market minute reports for specific zip code areas.  They are quite interesting and statistics can vary from zip code area to zip code area.  Each zip code area has its own unique draw or vice versa.  The draw can be a perceived "good school" district, even though Fairfax County schools are technically rated high across the board.  The draw can be a very sought after location for commuting, a competitive swim team neighborhood, an area close to shopping, properties near the proposed Silver Line metro and the list goes on.

The Vienna, Oakton and Tysons zip code areas are lumped together for the Market Minute Reports.  This data shows that the median sales price is up 19% from this time last year, the days on the market has increased 20%, and active inventory is down 18%. 

Here are some additional facts & graphs:

Sale Price to List Price Ratio
In January, the average sale price in Vienna, Oakton, and Tyson's Corner was 96.5% of the average list price, which is similar compared to a year ago.

Days on Market
This month, the average number of days on market was 85, higher than the average last year, which was 71, an increase of 20%.

 If you'd like a copy of these reports I'd be happy to print one off and fax or mail it to you.  

The local market data is important to each homeowner, particularly those who wish to market their properties for sale this year.

If you'd like a free market analysis of your home call me today.  Remember, I will treat your transaction as if it were my own.


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