Monday, April 6, 2015

Time to Update the Bathroom: For sale or for rent it must be done

Recently, a long term client asked for advice on a property that was built in the 70's.  Through the years many updates had been done to the property yet the master bathroom still needed significant improvement in order to rent or sell.

Here are the before pictures:

Nasty right?  What would it take to rejuvenate this bathroom?  Here's what it took:

A trip to the local hardware store:
  Dura Rock for the walls
 lots of slate tile
 a black marble threshold for entryway
 new towel bar holder
 tissue paper hold
 new light fixture
 new mirror
 new toilet
 soap holder for shower
 decorative glass tiles for the shower walls
 new tension bar for the shower curtain
 glue for the tiles
 spacers, shims
  I advised keeping the existing pedestal sink, faucet and shower plumbing (all redone in 2009).  The original cast iron tub remained in tact as well. 

Five days later and approximately $750 in supplies from the local hardware store and the bathroom was done.

Here is the result:

More importantly, a contract offer was received immediately following the update.  Mission accomplished!

Please note that slate was chosen due to the existing slate foyer and kitchen flooring.  Consistency in materials throughout the home was important to the seller.

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Thank you

Carla Brooks

Real Estate Values across the Country

Most areas of the United States experienced the lowest home values in real estate (in the last 10 years) in 2009.  Since 2009, the value of many homes across the country has steadily risen.  Here is an interesting report on the major metropolitan areas of the United States in regards to real estate pricing today.

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Carla Brooks

PS photos are a courtesy of free digital photos