Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is a great time for buyers and sellers to get off the fence and make the move they have been dreaming about.

For one thing, interest rates are at an historical low point.  Pricing is still below the peak of the housing boom (2005-2007), yet pricing will probably not reach that level for years to come.  Northern Virginia continues to attract national and international firms to the area.  The % of people moving into Northern Virginia versus moving out is a positive one.  This demand for housing in Northern Virginia has made the real estate market one of the most stable markets in the country today.

The KCM blog recently provided some excellent graphs and a pie chart depicting the characteristics of the First time Home Buyer:

54% are married couples
12 % are unmarried couples
12% single males
21% single females
1% Other

The highest %  of buyers are in the Under $50,000 income range and the just under $100,000 income range.  This makes sense since many couple purchase when they get married and the single purchasers are roughly making half of what their married counterparts are earning per anum.

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How can these statistics help you as a seller?

Remember, if you are selling a home that will most likely be purchased by a first home buyers then it might make sense to tailor your staging items to the 25-34 age group since they are the ones that will most likely purchase your home.  Likewise, if your home is most likely in the price range to appeal to a move up buyer that should give you an idea of what staging items will most likely appeal to that particular group of buyers.

I can assist you with staging suggestions, color choices and so forth.  Call me today for expert real estate advice.  I will treat your transaction as if it were my own!


PS the picture above is from the My Bookhouse series by Olive Beaupre' Miller.

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