Monday, April 14, 2014

Before you call the plumber....

So your water bill is higher than usual?  And the water authority says its not their problem?

Before you call the plumber and pay for a service call here are two things to check on first.

1. Add a couple of drops of blue or red dye into the water tank of each toilet.  Do not flush the toilet.  If you see the dye enter the toilet bowl, then you have a leaking toilet and will need to plug the tank.  If you are not able to plug the tank, then  by all means call the plumber to change out the parts that need to be fixed.

2.  If the dye test is negative, turn off the main water valve to the home.  Wait 30 minutes, then see if the water meter is still turning.  If the water meter is still turning, then there a water leak outside the house.  The leak may be in the water line that runs between the house and the street.

 If so, the homeowner is responsible for fixing the leaks between the house and the street.  Dominion Power offers insurance  ($4.95 per month last time I checked) for this water line replacement. ( Its well worth the monthly cost to sign up for this insurance yet if you already have a leak its too late.)  If you missed the post on water line replacement and want to read it, go here

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