Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Most Worthwhile Improvements

Is installing energy efficient windows the single most energy efficient upgrade to make for your home?  Not necessarily, according to many experts.  Windows are expensive to replace and heat loss from drafty windows ranks behind other culprits.  So you may want to delay window replacement until other upgrades are done.

Take your attic insulation for example.  Ceilings, many experts maintain, are the single greatest  loss of heat in a home.  Why not increase your attic insulation and/or upgrade the type of insulation that currently exists?  This new insulation installation is reasonable in price and will go along way in preserving heat inside your home.

In addition, consider an upgrade to your current ductwork and furnace.  Furnace systems made in the last 5 years are vastly superior to what was installed in the 70's and 80's.  Upgrading your furnace system (and ductwork if applicable) can save hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling costs and provide a more comfortable home to live in.  There might even be tax incentives to take advantage of when purchasing a new energy efficient system so remember to check with your accountant at tax preparation time.

Check out  Programmable thermostats.  They are a great way to save on heating and cooling costs so it would be worth the time to research the latest models.  They range in price from $80 to $500+.

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