Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6 Things that will go up in price in 2012

Just when we thought that life couldn't get more expensive CNN is predicting rising prices on 6 items in 2012.

These items include:
1. Airfare

Airlines are committed to reducing the number of flights to popular destinations.  They are concentrating on lean mean operating budgets.  By limiting supply the prices are sure to rise.
2. mail

Due to financial troubles the US Post Office will raise prices on January 22nd for the 1st class postage stamp and also reduce delivery times and days.  Forever stamps are a plus though since they are good forever and stamp prices normally rise only once a year.

3. meat

Increased demand on top of rising fuel costs will most likely result in higher costs for quality meat products.

 4. fish


5. coffee

Coffee prices have risen steadily in 2011.  Starbucks is in the process of raising prices on their coffee products.  

6. Gas

Due to strained relations in the Middle East and the possible closure of a Delaware refinery, fuel costs are certain to rise.  High unemployment and economic woes will keep demand from rising significantly. 

The good news is the economy appears to be plugging along and consumers are spending once again.  Including buying homes!

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