Saturday, January 14, 2012

Most Important Question Sellers should ask a Potential Listing Agent

There are many opinions on how to interview a potential listing agent.  The one thing that resonates at any given time and in any given market is attitude!

The potential listing agent must be up on the current market vibes.  No doubt about it.  If now is the time to buy (and finally many experts are agreeing it is) then your agent must have that can do attitude and be able to relay their attitude to the potential buyers and their agents.

Why is this so important?  Because many buyers are reluctant to move forward with the purchase.  As an agent I am aware of this reluctance.  The statistics on how many contracts fall thru versus how many go to closing is an issue.  We'd like to see all contracts go to closing.  Writing a contract is a time consuming process.  So is the home inspection.  Home inspections, radon inspections, septic inspections and well inspections etc. are also expensive.  As an agent, I want this to be a successful experience for every buyer out there.  Many times, though it is not.  One reason is that the loan for the buyer is rejected.  Another reason is that the buyer gets "cold feet".  Listening to the reports on the economy,

 or a co-worker who bought a distressed property for next to nothing --all these fear factors enter into the process.

The buyers in 2012 need to focus on the current day Multiple Listing statistics and take their cue from there:

The only news thats relevant to today is whats happening now and whats predicted for the future.  There is no crystal ball and living in the past will not make for good decision making today.

So while you are interviewing your potential listing agent for the job of selling your home, remember to ask them what their future expectations are concerning the real estate market today.... Remember its a good market, and recommendations on what to do depend on your individual situation.....

If you'd like to make the most of your real estate experience call me today, I will treat your transaction as if it were my own....

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