Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all....

 Last Year I traveled alot with my son's college soccer team.  I was a day late and a dollar behind the whole holiday season.  I promised myself that I would have the Christmas Tree up and decorated right after Thanksgiving.  Well, that didn't happen.  It was up and decorated by the second week in December.   I chose a pastel theme with lots of vintage ornaments that I have been collecting since college.

I did plant paperwhites right after Thanksgiving and they are blooming!  Paperwhites have a very unique aroma the minute they bloom.

They will topple over if too many bloom at once.  I now tie them together once they start blooming.

How is your mantle looking?  Here is mine, lots of candles and greenery: 

This year I set up a smaller tree for ornaments that are very special, mostly White House Annual Ornaments and Lenox and Wedgewood ornaments given to me by my parents over the years.  I love that a small tree allows one to really look at each ornament. These same ornaments tend to get lost in the crowd when hanging on a big tree. 

Here is my dining room sideboard adorned with vintage ornaments and two snow laced pine trees.  I'm hauling out all the silver  and organizing the table for Christmas Day.  

Here is a shot of a glass canister that I keep on my kitchen counter.  Every year I pick an assortment of super old ornaments that complement each other.  This year I chose silver and what I call "burnt red". Many of the burnt red ornaments have silver glitter on them.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season...I resolve to be more disciplined with regular posts to this blog in the coming new year.

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Carla Brooks

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