Friday, October 28, 2011

Historical Photos Adorn Tysons Central Long & Foster Office

As the Silver Line is constructed at Tysons Corner, and the Flour Lane/Hot Lane construction continues to progress, many of us that live here are amazed at the drastic changes in the "look" of Tysons Corner.

The 64 mile stretch of the Capital Beltway was approved by Congress in 1955 as a way of diverting traffic away from the city and provide an alternative route for those traveling north. It was originally referred to as the Circumferential Highway in that it was to circle the city. The first section opened in 1961 and it was completed in 1964.

The Capital Beltway now serves the suburbs, countless malls, community colleges and sportsplexes located strategically around it.

Tysons Corner Center was finished in 1968 and is the 12th largest employment center and 11th largest mall in the country. It is managed by Macerich, one of the leading owners, operators and developers of major retail properties across the country.

Ever wonder what Northern Virginia looked like "way back when", say mid 1880's to early 1900's? The Tysons Corner Long & Foster Office is adorned with many historical photos of the the area "way back when".

Here's a group of characters outside the early McLean Post Office around the turn of the century:

Here is "Maplewood" , a prime example of turn of the century architecture, second empire style as noted by Templeman & Netherton in Northern Virginia Heritage. Built in 1870 by John Shipman it was originally called "Villa Nova" and unfortunately was torn down in 1970:

The Town of Vienna, boasts the original Train Station built in 1858. It is still open for tours several times a year. Here is an old photo of the station:

Colvin Mill Run in Great Falls is the original gristmill from the 1800's. It was restored in 1972 and is open for tours, educational programs, outdoor concerts and special events. Here is what it looked like in its heyday:

Take a look at this photo of one of the original Great Falls Firehouse vehicles:

On your way into DC along Chain Bridge here is the area way back when:

We can't forget Fairfax City with its rich history and historical buildings. Here is the Courthouse in its heyday:

Please excuse the glare on the photos as I took them directly from the historical framed photos on the walls.

Tysons Central Long & Foster Real Estate is located at 8227 Old Courthouse Road (right down the street from the DMV).

It is owned and operated by Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. The inside of the office is furnished with lots of the above historical pictures of Northern Virginia Real Estate.

Come see us and enjoy a cup of coffee as you view the photos....


Carla Brooks

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