Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What are the perfect Accessories?

Are you getting ready to sell your home and wondering what the professionals use to stage homes for sale? There are lots of shows on cable tv that provide a multitude of tips. Local newspapers and home magazine articles regularly feature staging tips as well.

A recent issue of Realtor magazine outlines the favorite staging items from a survey geared toward realtors. What are the favorite picks?

Area rugs to set the stage for accessories geared to a particular theme.

Sheer curtains on tension rods to dress the windows yet still allow light in.

Side tables to hold accessories, trunks are acceptable!

Timers for lights to turn on during showing hours and shut off at the end of the day. This way the home is lit for the buyers that come through and one doesn't have to physically be present to turn them off.

Fabulous Fabric to use for artwork and headboards and pillows to complement the style of the home being sold.

Fresh flowers, mirrors and candy are always a way to add color, fun and ambience.

A friend of mine who has the Professional Stager Designation, would probably add in artifiical greens, music and several quality pieces of artwork.

The goal is to create a welcoming "ambiance" to the potential buyers that preview your property for sale. Notice I did not call it a "home". Once your property goes on the market it is a saleable commodity, not a home. Remove as many personal objects as possible so as not to distract the potential buyers from noticing the features of the property for sale.

If you'd like to sell your home and/or purchase a home and want to make the most of the experience call me today:) Your transaction will be treated as if it were my own!


Carla Brooks

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