Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is it all in the name?

The Proposed names of the four Silver Line Metro stations at Tysons Corner have been selected and are ready for approval by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Board of Directors:

First station at Dolley Madison and Andersen Road: Tysons-Mclean

Second Station at the malls : Tysons I & II

Third Station--Gosnell and Route 7: Tysons Central

Fourth Station-Route 7 and Spring Hill Road : Tysons West

According to some local newspapers, the proposed metro station names have drawn substantial criticism from local residents and politicians for many reasons. Some residents are upset that the names do not adequately correlate to the actual location of the stops and/or that the names are set up to confuse out of towners. Others claim that the names are merely a starting point and that they will develop their own identities over time.

In any event, there must be some residents that are happy with the names as they are. After all, approval was given for them to move on to the Transit Authority's vote.

How do you like the names?

Carla Brooks

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