Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quartz or Granite?

While in the process of listing a beautiful home for sale in 22182 (Vienna) on Friday,

I happened to notice that there is no opportunity to distinguish between quartz and granite in the MRIS MLS system. The only choice given is a box labeled Granite. My clients recently finished their kitchen

and bathrooms off with quartz countertops

so I wanted to be sure to call attention to this detail. I was disappointed to see that MRIS MLS does not distinguish between the two types of materials.

I came upon an article on the web detailing the differences between quartz and granite. I thought I'd share the main points of this article with you. Some of you may be unaware of the differences between the two materials and some of you may be thinking of a kitchen or bath redo.

Quartz, apparently is man made. It is not as porous as granite and therefore doesn't stain as easily as granite and doesn't require the maintenance of granite. Both Quartz and granite run about the same per square foot in price.

The "green" element is what makes Quartz stand out however. Quartz does not emit small amounts of radon, granite does. Therefore, Quartz is the way to go for those into the "green" movement.

There are many choices for countertops available to consumers. Remember when ceramic tiled countertops were the "thing"?

Until we found out how much maintenance the grout was!

Whatever materials we choose, most of us have realized that its good to choose something as "timeless" as possible for future resale.

Good luck with your future projects....

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Carla Brooks

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