Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thinking "Green"/Acting "Green"

Tired of paying too much in energy costs to heat and cool your home? Want to conserve energy resources? Whether you live in a castle:

or a small cottage in the woods you may want to consider purchasing a programmable thermostat.

If so, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat to regulate temperatures inside when your a/c unit comes on in the spring/summer months and likewise your heater in the fall/winter months. There's no sense in paying for day time comfort when you are sleeping, just program for when you wake up in the morning:

or for when you return from work or the kids are home during the day:

Costs range from $99 to $469 for the thermostats depending on how sophisticated one desires to be. The lower end units require manual setting for a 7 day stretch while the upper end models can be accessed remotely (in case you left home and forgot to progam) and have colorful, interactive screens.

The most basic programmable thermostats can be installed by the homeowner in less than an hour, the more advanced models may require assistance from a technician.

The benefits to installing programmable thermostats are clear: Save the earths' precious resources while at the same time reducing your energy costs.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home and want to make the most of the experience call me today. Your transaction will be treated as if it were my own!

Carla Brooks
Long & Foster

PS all photos are a courtesy of OLive Beaupre' Millers series "My Bookhouse".

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