Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer is here!

Whats your favorite color of hydrangea?

Blue blue hydrangeas are my favorite. Sometimes in the photos they almost look purple until one positions them next to a purple one. Then the true color is quite obvious.

There are also hydrangea bushes that have blooms of every hue all in one bush or a faded hue look to the entire set of blossoms. I've heard it said that the acidity of the soil plays a role in the type of color hues the hydrangeas take on:

And the varieties in the blooms are interesting as well. Take a look at these two fuschia hydrangea, they are relatively the same color yet the type of bloom is very different:

A great way to display the cut hydrangeas is in a favorite milk glass container:

Hope you're having a nice summer and enjoying the colors of the season.

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Carla Brooks

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