Monday, May 5, 2014

Common Home Inspection Items

The goal of market preparation in selling your home is to take care of all the repair items before your home goes "live" on the market.  The buyers will have confidence in the home that is well maintained.  Lots of repair items (even if very minor) will give the impression that the seller did not maintain the home.

Very Common Home Inspection items are as follows:

Loose toilet (it is not securely tightened to the floor)

Anti-tilt bracket not installed on the kitchen range (make sure the contractor installs this bracket)

hot or reverse electrical outlets (one can test outlets by purchasing an outlet tester at any local hardware store)
No GFI's near sinks in kitchen and bathrooms (the GFI protects the homeowner against electrical
surges, they run around $12 per GFI unit)

No safety loop on the dishwasher discharge water line (this loop prevents dirty water from back-flushing into the dishwasher)

windows that do not open (very often painted shut-use box cutter to loosen)

leaking faucets, leaking toilets
doors that do not latch

crumbling or brittle roof shingles

moisture in the basement foundation (use dehumidifier April through October to cut down on moisture in the basement)

clogged or slow to drain sinks

Call me for a complete list of home inspection items that you can troubleshoot before your home goes on the market.  Having a "pre-inspection" is a good idea as well.  Be aware that some inspectors are more diligent than others.  Not every home inspection report will detail the same items.

If you would like to buy or sell a home, call me today.  I am here to help.

Thank you

Carla Brooks

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