Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time Saver Tip

One thing I've enjoyed through the years is watching perennials re-bloom in the pots they were planted in the previous year(s).  This way, I don't have to go out and buy new plants and then plant them.  An instant garden of delight appears on my deck each year.

Here is some Yarrow that was planted 3 years ago:

Here are some Garden Phlox (paniculata "Laura")--they have the most delicious smell!!!

Here are some mums that were given to me as a hostess gift years ago, somehow I haven't been able to kill them along the way:

These "bunny ears" were given to me by a neighbor at least 15 years ago:

How about some favorite hosta?  I've had to remove some of  my favorite hosta from the yard and place on my deck since the deer were eating them to the ground.  I dare them to walk onto my deck!!  So far so good...

Here's a wonderful jade plant that I've had for 20+ years.  I bring it inside each fall and outside each spring:

Of course nothing can replace the fresh basil and potato vines that have to be planted fresh each year:

Hope you're enjoying the summer weather and if you'd like to buy or sell a home call me today!


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  1. You're so good at taking care of plants from year to year. Even if I make it through 1 year, I never remember to water them the next. I guess I'll stick to children right now, and leave the plants to you.