Monday, June 25, 2012

The case for the dehumidifier

If you are new to Northern Virginia or have recently acquired a home with a basement you'll understand what a dehumidier is.

  If you don't, a dehumidifier is a small machine that removes moisture from the air and deposits that moisture into a pan in the machine.  One can either empty the pan when it fills to the top or connect a hose to the machine so that it automatically drains to the floor drain in the concrete foundation.

Northern Virginia has a very humid climate and leaving that moisture in the air can create a lower level living area susceptible to mold and damage from moisture.  Not to mention the fact that a moisture ridden basement is often times too cold and uncomfortable to spend time in.

Dehumidifiers can be purchased at any hardward store for somewhere between $100-$200.  Keeping your home dry and free from mold is so important.

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