Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Silver Line Buzz

What's the latest metro construction chatter?

The current topic of concern with the Silver Line Metro Construction is the lack of parking at the metro stops and the logistics of how the metro line riders will get to and from the 4 stations being built.

Years ago, when the Dulles Metro organizational teams were meeting with area residents to solicit their ideas and thoughts on the subject, the idea of shuttle buses providing transportation to and fro was the solution. I had no idea the transportation issue was still an issue. I saw the signs "Imagine People instead of cars" and figured this issue had been resolved.

Apparently not.

Not only apparently not, supposedly there is no funding for the majority of bus routes, sidewalks, trails, bicycle routes and protected crosswalks the area is in need of. Hmmm...

We need to put on our thinking caps and come up with solutions and hopefully those solutions will be within a reasonable budget. You don't suppose we could go back to horses and carts?

Or perhaps dig a moat around the four stations and use our imaginations?

or maybe appeal to an non-earthly power to sprinkle some magic upon us?

We need some words of wisdom and a plan:

And we need them quickly as the Silver Line at Tysons Corner is set to open in 2013. It may seem like there is plenty of time to devise solutions yet it will be here before we know it.

Any suggestions?


Carla Brooks

PS All photos are from the My Bookhouse series by Olive Beaupre' Miller.

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