Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When should your home go on the market?

The spring market peaks at different times each year.  As homeowners, we ponder whether to be the early bird on the market or wait until the spring is in full bloom.

There really is way to predict when the "peak" will occur yet the KCM blog has an article on this subject today.

Call me today if you would like to buy or sell your home, I am here to assist and help you in any way possible.

You may need assistance in:
                                            -Evaluating your options
                                            -Developing a plan to sell/buy simultaneously
                                            -Preparation of your home for the market
                                            -List price options
                                            -Determining area to buy new home

Whatever your questions or needs may be, I can Help.

                                                      Carla Brooks

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