Friday, March 14, 2014

Now is the time

The past week's weather has proven that Northern Virginia is on the verge of the spring season!  Hooray from the rooftops!!!

In spite of the groggy moments brought on by the recent spring forward time change, we are all feeling the energy and excitement warmer weather brings.

Why not put this energy and excitement to good use by accomplishing some spring-like tasks around the house?

For example:


Your deck is looking grey from the cold harsh winter elements, power wash it. Your windows are dirty (inside and out).  Clean under your furniture and beds ( accumulated dust.) Brush off the dust on all the blinds in your home.


Get rid of all the winter clothing that you did not wear this past season.  Studies have shown that if you do not wear something over the year, you will never wear it.  Someone else can use that item and you will get the tax donation for dropping it off at a local charity.


Chalk paint or refinish that solid wood table you bought at the yard sale three years ago.


Many communities are holding "shredding parties" at local school parking lots this spring.  Check out the schedules in your community.  Again, why waste valuable storage space on papers you no longer need?


Not satisfied with your bookshelf appearance?  Take the time to organize those books so the look is pleasing to the eye.  I read recently in a design book that picture frames look better on Vertical surface (walls) than they do on book shelves.  My home took on a brand new look by moving all framed pictures to a collage on the wall and organizing the books remaining on the shelves by color.

Plant some flowers

Freshen up your flower pots with some cold resistant pansies.  Pansies will not wilt in freezing weather (or snowy weather) and they are an instant way to bring on the excitement of spring!

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