Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why hiring a realtor to sell your home is a smart move

In the 1990's, my DH was concerned that the proliferation of the internet would render many sales positions obsolete.( He was and still is a mortgage loan officer.)  After all, if the facts and figures could be obtained online, then why would the consumer need a sales person to handle the transaction?

Time has proven that sales people are as valued today as they were before the use of the internet exploded. 

The role of salesperson has changed from being  "information" oriented to  "service" oriented.  As the "SYMS" department store slogan, "An educated consumer is our best customer", used to say, consumers increasingly are armed with a ton of knowledge before they ever meet a sales representative.  This knowledge has "lightened" the work load for sales personnel in regards to educating the consumer yet increased the service oriented tasks as the sales personnel strive to bring value to the table.

A professional realtor has ongoing education sessions with the top leaders in the real estate industry.  These leaders include successful colleagues, settlement attorneys, home inspectors, financial experts and legislative spokespersons.  This education translates to a wealth of experience and knowledge as the years go on.

Realtors are buffers between the home owner and the buyer's agents and the general public.  They are messengers of information and will guide the homeowner to make the right decisions in contract negotiations.  Realtors are current on all the legal forms that need to be completed with the sales contract and will be around after closing on the transaction to answer any questions and concerns that may pop up.

Call me today if you are in the market to buy or sell real estate.  Real estate is your largest financial investment and I never forget it.  I will guide you through the transaction and answer the multitude of questions that come up through the process. 

                                                           Carla Brooks

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