Friday, May 17, 2013

My New House

Today I purchased a new house.  A bat house that is.  It was hand made & I'm hoping it lasts a lifetime.

It was specifically designed for these little creatures:

You see, I have found out that bats are territorial.  If they are inhabiting your attic and the attic is sealed, they will stay on the property and infest another area.  The solution is to give them their own home.  The home should have no bottom and have shelving inside for the little critters to hand upside down and sleep during the day.  Bats are nocturnal.

There were two bat houses on our property when we purchased it years ago.  We didn't know what they were and we removed them.  Over time we noticed the bat guano falling from the venting to the attic on the outside.    It was time to take action.  

We are installing screens over the attic vents after dusk so we don't seal in the little critters.  And we hope they enjoy their new digs....

Have a great Friday!

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Carla Brooks

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