Monday, October 29, 2012

"No more 'n a sock full"

Years ago, when I first started my career in real estate, I was so excited to get a call from a homeowner who wanted to sell their home.  The market sales were robust and I was itching to do get out there and  learn the business.

One day, I got a call from a gentleman in Falls Church.   He was definitely selling a home and he wanted to speak to me about listing his property.  Yes! I thought, this is what I have been waiting for.

I arrived to the appointment on time and proceeded to tour the home with the seller.  When we got to the basement I could see it was unfinished.  I asked the seller point blank if the basement ever leaked.  He told me that as a general rule no.  On occasion, however, it has leaked yet "no more 'n a sock full" at one time.  Seeing my bewildered look, he further explained that when he has come down to the basement and seen water during a storm, he bunches up a sock and throws it in the corner and the water has never been more than a sock could handle.

Oh, ok, I thought.  Now how do I explain that to prospective buyers as a listing agent?

Well, the owner ended up selling on his own and I didn't have to be concerned with the proper disclosures to prospective buyers.  I'm sure the seller did his own explaining...... just fine:)

I'm wishing all of you safety during Hurricane Sandy and I hope none of you have any water issues and if you do I hope its "no more 'n a sock full" !.  God bless!

                                                  Carla Brooks

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