Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Save on energy costs by installing a timer on your Hot Water Heater today

Thanks to advanced technology, one can save as much as $30-40 a month on their utility bill by installing a timer on the home hot water heater.  Apparently, our hot water heaters do their job over and over whether we use the hot water or not.  So why heat water that we are not going to use immediately?

By installing a timer on your hot water heater one can regulate when they turn on and off.  If you rise at 6 am, for example, the timer can be set for 5:45 so the water is toasty for your morning shower.  If you leave for work shortly thereafter, simply set the timer for when you return in the evening.  And then turning it off again before retiring for the evening.

The type of timer that your hot water tank will need depends on whether you have an electric hot water heater or a gas hot water heater. So be sure and consult with an expert before you make a decision on what to purchase.

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